An Important Update Regarding Coronavirus

It is clear that the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic gets more concerning as each day passes.  In these uncertain times, we would like to reassure you that Orbik do not have any immediate threat and thankfully there are no cases of Coronavirus currently in our location. Information is being carefully monitored and strategies are being put in place to safeguard our wellbeing.
Media reports and Boris Johnson's updates are being taken very seriously and acted upon to ensure that people respect the guidelines to help limit the potential spread of the virus.  We are aware that the cases reported in the media create concern, however we want to provide reassurance that we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and clients to avoid any disruption.  We are proceeding with caution, but we're happy to say it’s business as usual and we do not expect a complete lockdown of services.

The numbers being spoken about are thankfully currently low in relation to the 65+ Million people that live within the country and we must not panic and instead should support each other during this time.  We must stress that even if our government escalates our protection, we are set up to be able to continue providing a high level of service via our staff working remotely.
In relation to our market position, we are a true British manufacturer who can adjust to ensure that our supply chain isn’t affected, whilst many others battle with prolonged lead times and issues with component shortages from other countries.  With our large holding of component stocks (including alternative supply lines if required), along with our own metalwork company manufacturing housings and our electronic production lines producing our own gear, we are flexible to customer requirements to ensure that we are able to meet demand and therefore operate as usual.  Indeed, over the past week we have received an increased demand to meet the needs for additional order requests, which we have been able to fulfil.
In regards to delivery times, we are working closely with our freight forwarders to ensure that there is limited delay.  Passenger travel is being disrupted worldwide, however, lines are still being kept open for freight.  
As you will appreciate, this is a constantly evolving situation and we cannot foresee what may occur in the coming weeks and months, but we can assure you that our overriding priority is the safety of our team members and our valued customers as we continue our business to our usual high standards.  The Orbik sales team are here to advise and support you with any queries or concerns, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss anything.
Let's stay positive and support each other during this unprecedented time.  Please take care of yourselves and each other.
With kind regards,

The Orbik Team.
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