Window Ventilation Systems

Manual and automatic systems for everyday ventilation and emergency smoke control requirements

Window Ventilation Systems

Manual and automatic systems for everyday ventilation and emergency smoke control requirements

Key Features

  • Actuator can be programmed to required opening speed and stroke
  • The risk of entrapment is reduced as the actuators are programmed to reverse if they encounter obstacles when closing
  • Approved according to EN 12101-2 with selected profiles
  • Manual call points can be provided to enable manual activation of the smoke system
  • Control unit comes complete with 72 hours of battery back-up

Specification / Technical Information

This extensive range of window control systems cover all areas of smoke control, natural ventilation, window automation and manual window control. The range includes electric window openers for single, group or zoned operation from manually operated switches, remote window controls or automated control panels linked to sensors for everyday ventilation or smoke control requirements.

We supply chain actuators with either a single chain or with two for use in domestic and commercial applications. This type of actuator is ideal for the automatic operation of vertical windows, rooflights and domes for smoke and natural ventilation purposes. Double chain actuators are better suited for use on any windows that are particularly wide so require an additional push point in order to be operated properly. Additionally, they are available in a selection of colours in order to suit the various aesthetic requirements of different projects. We also provide a selection of easy-to-install models to allow for hassle-free installations.

Folding arm actuators are the perfect solution for any installers who require a 90 degree opening for side-hung windows, doors and vents. However, we can also supply folding arm actuators that have a programmable opening stroke of anything up to the 90 degree limit. We can offer actuators that are suitable for either inward or outward opening doors and windows and supply others that have additional programmable features, such as the team size and speed. For projects requiring the use of synchronized units, we can supply two folding arm actuators which can be synced together.

If a considerable opening force is required, linear actuators are ideal. They are available in two different types, Rack & Pinion and Rod, to suit a variety of commercial and residential project demands. Available with opening stroke sizes from 180 to 1000mm, we have options suitable for most window types. Additionally, we provide linear actuators that can be sprayed to any RAL colour so colour compatibility can be achieved.

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