Hush Button

Control device providing HMO dwellings with their own 2 minute silence facility

Hush Button

Control device providing HMO dwellings with their own 2 minute silence facility

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5839 part 6
  • Provides each individual HMO dwelling with its own two minute silence facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2b) and 15 minute isolate facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2a)
  • Designed to sit on a communal fire panel’s analogue loop and to communicate its status back to the host panel for the attention of building management
  • Includes a built-in loop isolator, conventional detector circuit and conventional sounder circuit (0V is common allowing cost-effective three core cable to be used)
  • Mounts on a standard UK 25mm double gang back box
  • Compatible with Hochiki’s ESP and Apollo’s XP95, Discovery and Xplorer protocols
  • Fully monitored for open and short circuit faults to BS 5839 part 1
  • Failsafe operation - a general fire condition at the host panel overrides any silenced/isolated state at the Hush Button and immediately turns on its local sounders
  • Each Hush Button derives its power from the analogue loop so no separate PSU is required
  • Typically up to 20 Hush Buttons can be connected to one loop (40 on a two loop panel)
  • Upgrades the level of protection offered in a HMO dwelling from the minimum Grade D requirement (mains/battery powered detectors) to Grade A or B
Width 144mm x Height 84mm x Depth 37mm (mounts on a 25mm deep back box)
Each Hush Button can be looked upon as a miniature fully monitored, self-powered single zone fire alarm panel that sits and is addressed on an analogue loop with the ability to communicate its status back to the main panel.

Typically one double gang Hush Button is fitted in each HMO dwelling complete with conventional detectors and sounders to provide occupants with a simple, cost effective means of invoking two types of ‘hushed’ period.

Press the Hush Button during a local alarm condition and a hushed period of two minutes begins. If the local zone returns to its normal condition within these two minutes, the unit returns to its normal state. If it doesn’t, a fire alarm condition is flagged at the host panel to be acted upon according to the building’s fire management plan.

Press the Hush Button prior to a local alarm condition and a hushed period of 15 minutes begins. During this period, power is cut to the local zone so no alarm signals can be detected. If the Hush Button is pressed again during this period, the unit reapplies power to the local zone allowing normal signal processing to resume.

A beeper gives feedback to the occupant 15 seconds before either hushed period is about to expire. If the button is pressed again during this period, the original hushed period of two or 15 minutes restarts.

Specification / Technical Information

Designed to work with widely available open protocol analogue fire alarm systems, the Hush Button gives fire alarm installers a unique opportunity to enter the lucrative and rapidly expanding HMO marketplace.

According to BS 5839 part 6 (the code of practice for fire alarm systems in dwellings) around 80% of all UK fire deaths and injuries occur in dwellings. Nowhere is the risk greater than in houses of multiple occupation where a fire in one ‘dwelling’ can quickly spread to another.

The Hush Button meets and exceeds the requirements of BS5839 part 6 in all areas, providing reliable and fully monitored fire detection, alarm and silencing facilities inside each individual HMO dwelling.

Maximum Number of Hush Buttons per Analogue Loop
20 (dependent on output current of host panel and devices connected). To communicate with the host panel each Hush Button requires two addresses

Onboard Loop Isolator

Maximum Number of Conventional Detectors per Hush Button

Maximum Number of Call Points per Hush Button

Operating Voltage

Quiescent Current

Maximum Length of Hush Button Detector/Sounder Circuits

Line Monitored for Open and Short Circuit Faults

User Indicators
Supply present; local alarm and hushed LEDs; ‘hushed period due to expire’ buzzer

Engineer Indicators
Open/short circuit fault (also shown at host panel via analogue loop)

Control Buttons
1 x ‘Hush’

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