Dunton Environmental Head Office, Aldridge

Dunton Environmental have long established themselves as the specialists in environmental restoration, however their latest regeneration project was much more than just your everyday brownfield site; it was an old office building that was to be developed into Dunton’s new company headquarters.

Having spent 10 years at their previous head office in Perry Barr, Dunton dedicated 2019 to the refurbishment of its very own, brand new, state of the art headquarters in Aldridge.  

Lara Roe writes: “It has been a huge long-term goal of ours for Dunton to have its very own luxury office complex; something that we have strived and worked tirelessly for several years to create.  We have always wanted to create a working environment for our staff that felt like home, and somewhere that they looked forward to spending their time.”

The Project
Orbik were approached in early 2019 to design a fire detection system for the client’s new headquarters.  Our area sales manager attended site to undertake a survey of the premises and discovered that another lighting company had been commissioned to produce the lighting scheme.  It was explained that Orbik are lighting manufacturers and local to the site and so the contractor and the health & safety manager were invited to the Orbik factory for a tour.

Impressed with what they saw, and being a supporter of local business and British manufacturing, we were offered the opportunity to produce a lighting design. 

Duntons goal was to create a working environment for their staff that felt like home, and somewhere that they looked forward to spending their time.

Amongst the various luminaires supplied on the project, the Arrian LED panel had to be adapted due to height restrictions (the ceiling height was 2.4m in places), and was pre-drilled so they could be fitted directly to the ceiling.

By identifying and responding to the specific requirements of the project, Orbik were able to develop, adapt and deliver an emergency lighting and fire alarm scheme that provides safety, efficiency and the visual comfort that Dunton had envisaged. 

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