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Robust and attractive square aluminium diecast IP65 bulkhead
Features (All Models)
  • Robust IP65 diecast housing available in black finish as standard, with silver-grey finish as an option
  • Anti-light pollution eyelid version available
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted and is suitable for exterior applications
  • Supplied with toughened polycarbonate diffuser and anti-tamper screws as standard
  • LED and fluorescent light source in mains and emergency mode
Features (LED Models Only)
  • TM-21 L70 greater than 36,000 hours using 0.5w 150 lumen/Watt LEDs
  • CRI 80 (minimum) and 3 step MacAdam rated
  • 4000k colour temperature as standard (2700K - 6500K available to order)
  • All LED luminaires in this range have a lumens/Watt rating greater than 90 lm/W
  • All stated lumens are actual luminaire output
Catalogue Numbers & Information
Mains Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
ION/LED LED mains (standard output) 2000 - 6.00
ION/LED/H LED mains (high output) 2450 - 6.00
ION28/HF 28W 2D HF mains 1450 - 6.00
ION38/HF 38w 2D HF mains 2000 - 6.00
Emergency Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
ION/LED/M3 LED M3 (standard output) 2000 125 7.00
ION/LED/M3/H LED M3 (high output) 2450 125 7.00
ION28/M3 28W 2D M3 1450 190 7.00
ION38/M3 38W 2D M3 2000 260 7.00
Length 360mm x Width 360mm x Depth 125mm
/AD Intelligent Addressable
/DAE DALI emergency mode only
/DAEM DALI mains and emergency mode
/DAM DALI mains mode only
/DIM Dimmable control gear
/EY Anti-light pollution eyelid version
/SG Silver-grey finish
/ST Digital self-test
Suitable for indoor use
Suitable for outdoor use
High frequency gear as standard
Surface mounting
Mains versions available
Emergency versions available
LED light source
Fluorescent versions available
IP65 ingress rating
CE marked
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