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Fluorescent Central System Inverters
A range of inverters for use with fluorescent lamps and central systems
  • Suitable for use with 24V, 50V or 110V central battery systems
  • Compatible with a wide fluorescent lamp range between 4W and 100W
  • Incorporates Perferm™ technology to ensure extended lamp life and correct operation
  • Output uses a high efficiency sinusoidal inverter
  • All inverters feature an AC hold-off relay
  • Case temperature of 0 to 70°C (centre side of case)
  • EMC compliant
  • Designed to conform to EN61347(centre side of case)
Catalogue Numbers & Information
Catalogue Numbers
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
PVR24 24V AC/DC canned inverter - - 0.35
PVR50 50V AC/DC canned inverter - - 0.35
PVR110 110V AC/DC canned inverter - - 0.35
Length 216mm x Width 42mm x Height 28mm (fixing centres 206mm)
Weight: 0.35kg
We produce a range of inverter units suitable for operating fluorescent lamps from low voltage AC or DC supplies, including central battery systems of 24 Volts, 50 Volts and 110 Volts and fluorescent lamps from 4 Watts to 100 Watts.
All inverters incorporate our Perferm™ technology to ensure good lamp life and correct operation with low mercury fluorescent lamps and sine-wave output to prolong lamp cathode life and prevent unpleasant visual lamp effects.
They are designed to comply with the European product standards EN50172, EN55015, EN 61547 and EN 61000.3.2 and are produced in our UK manufacturing plant which is registered to BS EN ISO9001:2000 by BSI.
AC hold-off relay are used to convert normal mains luminaires to emergency luminaires by switching the lamp from the normal mains control gear to the inverter output when the un-switched monitored mains supply fails.
Please see "Inverter Technical Specification" in DOWNLOADS section for all inverter ballast lumen factors
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