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Emergency Conversion Service
Emergency conversions within quality system ISO9001:2008
ICEL 1004 Approved Emergency Conversions
Orbik manufacture a comprehensive range of BSI approved emergency control gear within our ISO9001:2008 approved factory in the UK.
One of the many added-value services Orbik offer to their customers is the re-engineering of third party mains only luminaires into emergency versions. This operation is carried out and tested by highly skilled personnel working within a ISO9001:2000 quality environment and is registered to ICEL and approved to its ICEL 1004 luminaire re-engineering scheme.
Facilities on site include testing for thermal endurance and EMC compliance for re-engineering luminaires so that customers can be confident that these luminaires remain compliant with European product safety and performance standards and comply with CE regulations.
Our BSI approved emergency control gear ensures the highest quality products are used to convert free-issued luminaires with a choice of integral or remote solutions for most 4-pin fluorescent lamps, 12V halogen dichroic lamps and LEDs.
With reduced mercury lamps being standardised by most leading lamp manufacturers, our BSI approved Perferm emergency modules are specified for these lamp types as their in-house design ensures reliable striking of the latest generation of 4 pin compact and linear fluorescent lamps.
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