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IP65 robust polycarbonate circular luminaire
Features (All Models)
  • Each enclosure is manufactured from UV stabilised, flame retardant polycarbonate with a white base and clear diffuser as standard, with opal as an option
  • Clear radial lens for enhanced photometric performance
  • LED and fluorescent versions available in mains, emergency and slave models
  • Wide range of options including integral microwave presence detectors, intelligent addressable and digital self-testing luminaires
  • Can be supplied with a semi-recessing trim lending it to anti-lingature applications
Features (LED Models Only)
  • TM-21 L70 greater than 36,000 hours using 0.5W 150 lumen/Watt LEDs
  • CRI 80 (minimum) and 3 step MacAdam rated
  • 4000K colour temperature as standard (2700K - 6500K available to order)
  • All LED luminaires in this range have a lumens/Watt rating greater than 95 lm/W
  • All stated lumens are actual luminaire output
Catalogue Numbers & Information
Mains Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
EC/LED LED mains (standard output) 2450 - 2.80
EC/LED/E LED mains (economy output) 2000 - 2.80
EC/LED/H LED mains (high output) 2950 - 2.80
EC28/HF 28W 2D HF mains 1450 - 2.80
EC38/HF 38W 2D HF mains 2000 - 2.80
Emergency Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
EC/LED/M3 LED M3 (standard output) 2450 125 3.10
EC/LED/M3/E LED M3 (economy output) 2000 125 3.10
EC/LED/M3/H LED M3 (high output) 2950 400 3.10
EC28/M3 28W 2D M3 1450 190 3.10
EC38/M3 38W 2D M3 2000 260 3.10
Slave Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
EC/LED/LVR#D LED mains/slave (standard output) 2450 500 2.90
EC/LED/LVR#D/E LED mains/slave (economy output) 2000 500 2.90
EC/LED/LVR#D/H LED mains/slave (high output) 2950 500 2.90
EC28/PVR#D 28W 2D mains/slave 1450 350 2.90
EC38/PVR#D 38W 2D mains/slave 2000 350 2.90
Replace # with AC/DC system Voltage 24, 50, 110 or 230 Volts
Luminaire Dimensions: Ø 397mm x Depth 132mm
Dimensions with Semi-Recessing Trim: Ø 406mm x Depth 86mm
Cut-Out Dimension: Ø 395mm (Minimum ceiling void of 46mm required)
/AD Intelligent Addressable
/DAE DALI emergency mode only
/DAEM DALI mains and emergency mode
/DAM DALI mains mode only
/DIM Dimmable control gear
/ECR/WH White semi-recessing trim
/MD Microwave presence detector
/O Opal diffuser
/ST Digital self-test
/TS Push-to-test switch (surface mounted luminaires only)
/VR Anti-tamper screws
Suitable for indoor use
Suitable for outdoor use
High frequency gear as standard
Surface mounting
Semi-recessed version available
Mains versions available
Emergency versions available
Slave versions available
LED light source
Fluorescent versions available
IP65 ingress rating
CE marked
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