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IP65 LED floodlight range
  • High quality diecast body
  • Supplied with toughened glass cover
  • Adjustable bracket supplied
  • Symmetric light distribution
  • High quality LED with extended life
  • LED life greater than 36,000 hours
  • CRI 70 (minimum)
  • 6000K colour temperature as standard
  • All luminaires in this range have a lumens/Watt rating greater than 80 lm/W
  • All stated lumens are actual luminaire output
Catalogue Numbers & Information
Mains Luminaires
Cat No Light Source & Mode Mains
Emergency Lumens Weight (kg)
BAL/LED/10 10W LED mains 800 - 0.50
BAL/LED/20 20W LED mains 1600 - 1.00
BAL/LED/30 30W LED mains 2400 - 1.48
BAL/LED/50 50W LED mains 4000 2.28
BAL/LED/80 80W LED mains 6400 4.80
BAL/LED/120 120W LED mains 9600 5.80
10W Versions: Length 195mm x Width 170mm x Depth 53mm
20W and 30W Versions: Length 315mm x Width 246mm x Depth 80mm
50W Versions: Length 390mm x Width 320mm x Depth 100mm
80W & 120W Versions: Length 490mm x Width 360mm x Depth 125mm
Suitable for outdoor use
Surface mounting
Mains luminaire
LED light source
IP65 ingress rating
CE marked
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